SPEED5 is a dedicated content channel to activate the Paradox community and create engagement.
We embrace the Paradox universe, the people, the fans and the brands.


We want to find the best players around, so our shows will focus on the competitive aspect of Grand Strategy games. But that's just not in-game! Some of our shows will force our players to not just know the games, but also be better than the other people playing.


Some competitve game streams are just for the people already playing the game. At SPEED5 we focus on making sure our casters convey the excitement to all viewers, even if you haven't played the latest expansion.


A few times a year we'll invite players and content creators to our studio space in Stockholm, for a weekend of competition. It can be anything from an intense 1v1 tournament in HoI4 to a longer form MP in Victoria 3. It's going to happen and you do not want to miss it.


We want your ideas!
Competitive Grand Strategy is a new space, and we need all the help we can get to make it as awesome as possible. This means our shows run short seasons, so the community can help us tweak ruleset for future shows.

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Hi! We are SPEED5!

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